Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What is The Opera House Event Hall?

This is the most important question, right? Let's jump right in...

The Opera House Event Hall is going to be a premier venue for any and all events that are special in your life. It is located in a historic building at 1313 Main Street right in the middle of downtown Humboldt, Tennessee. Previously positioned as many different retail stores and an actual opera house in the past (hence the name), its wide open spaces are perfect for holding events for 10 - 300 people. This best part is that you can actually keep them all in the same room!

As a two-story building, the bottom floor will be the main event hall with a beautiful entrance and large windows that can allow a lot of natural light for daytime events. Large chandeliers will hang down the center of the exposed ceiling to enhance the lighting for any time of day or night. Original hardwood floors will be refinished and brick walls will be exposed to create a perfect canvas for decorating in any style for any event.

A mezzanine level that overlooks the bottom floor is being opened up and a beautiful stairway will be installed to access that level from the main floor.This area can serve as extra space for guests, a place to set-up a bar or DJ, or whatever our hosts have in mind.

Our second floor is most famous for the large, and I do mean large, windows that overlook Main Street. This area needed a little maintenance work structurally to secure the support of the roof. With this added support came additional columns down the center of the space. While it is not as open as the bottom floor, it is still a large space and can hold plenty of people. Our thoughts were that this space could serve as an overflow area to a party downstairs and offer more of a lounging space. This area will come with sofas, chairs, its own small kitchen, and multiple ways to arrange the room. We see this area as a space for smaller, more quaint parties such as baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, or even book club meetings. This could also serve as a bridal loft for the preparation of the bride and her party if the wedding were to take place in the building.

A catering prep area and mens and women's bathrooms will also be downstairs.

Taken after we bought the building

There will be so many options for how things can be set up and that is what makes us most excited about our adventure. We can see weddings, receptions, birthday/anniversary parties, reunions, fundraisers, business meetings, wedding/baby showers...basically anything you can dream up, we see it happening here. There will be no need to seek out venues in other cities anymore!

Since our building had been in disrepair for many, many years, we have a lot of work to do to get it to the vision we see in our heads. It is a big job, but we are dedicated and driven to make this happen. So, follow us, keep in touch and watch our dream become a reality...this year!

Sketch of what the exterior will look like when finished. Those are transom windows above the door and across the front!

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