Wednesday, October 16, 2013

From Dull to Shine: The Floors

One of the things we could not wait to complete on our event space was the floors. Sure...having fresh paint, newly revealed brick walls, and all new lighting can really spruce up a place, but until the floors are finished, everything seems unfinished.

Remember what we started with?

And then...
Floor prep work began! We popped those tiles off over a year ago and the layers of dust, saw dust, dirt and plaster have been protecting those original wooden floors all this time. Once we vacuumed, and vacuumed, aaannnnddddd vacuumed that dust up, we were ready to sand it and then vacuum once more. And because we didn't have overhead lighting yet, and we work at our regular jobs during the day, most of this was done at night by spotlights. Challenging to say the least! But where there is a, you know the rest!

And the finished product...AMAZING!

We chose to stain with a dark cherry to help hide the flaws and it turned out way better than expected. On each side of the main floor by the walls, there are lots of patches with plywood that we really could do nothing about. So we stained them and hoped for the best and they turned out great...matched the hardwood in color, even if not in design. The floor is dusty now again from our continued work, but will be shined up soon for our Grand Opening! We can't wait!

Oh, and as for the rest of the flooring in other spaces...yep...they are painted! Black with lots of shine...and they look great! And here is a sneak peek at our women's restroom floor...

We just had to throw in some chevron flair somewhere!