Saturday, March 9, 2013

Demolition is Fun!

This may be hard work and it may take a lot of time, thought, and strength to pull this stuff off, but we definitely have fun doing it!

Here are a couple of videos of the "tearing down" parts. Disclaimer: Don't try this at home. We probably shouldn't have tried this either, but we got lucky and nobody died. Yay us!


Eric, the Demolition god!

Even Lee's Dad Robert got in on the fun!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Facelift...In Progress

As many have already noticed, we have done a major overhaul on the front of our building. The top half of the building isn't going to change much, except for some paint around the windows, a good pressure washing, and a broken window replaced. Since we like to keep things as close to original as we can (somewhat), we decided not to paint the brick. So work on the bottom half began early winter (the absolute best time to work on exteriors, right?)


Before with aluminum covering
First things first, that awning had to come down!! It was so cathartic to get that monstrosity off, that they just kept on going!

While the look of the black marble was actually kind of neat, it was heavy, not that secure and broken in many places, so it too had to go!

Even though it had been previously decided to replace the large glass on the front display windows (with smaller pieces that fit with our look and easier to replace if needed), it was a definite after accidentally breaking a window anyway!

So, the windows came out and the front had to be completely rebuilt to achieve the look we wanted. It was quite a scary moment for us (and the on-lookers driving by too, I'm sure)!

We had it boarded up for a while...

But eventually the glass went in...

And the paint went on...

 Work had to move inside for a while, but plans include to cover the steel beam above the transom windows, paint the top windows with an accent color, and add lighting somewhere. At least for now it is not an eye sore to those driving by anymore, but something actually pleasing to see! 

More progress is happening inside now and we can't wait to share it! Also, after exploring underneath, we have some awesome antique finds to share! Thanks for checking us out!