Wednesday, June 19, 2013

VIP Feature

We were so excited to be one of the features of Humboldt in the Community Profile in VIP Magazine of Jackson. Thank you to Lyda Kay Ferree for the write-up! The pictures say it all...

We even got a current picture in there!

First page

Second page

Pick up your copy today!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting Some Exposure...

This old building of ours begged to be rid of its many layers on the walls, and we listened! After ripping the top layer of painted plywood off, we slowly but surely started picking away at the plaster that covered the entire area of the downstairs' walls. 

BEFORE PIC: Lovely plywood that covered those beautiful hidden walls.

After a day's work, the ladies got the bottom half of one side off. It was beautiful! 

We, however, were not.
Plaster dust is horrible and by the end of the day, there was plaster dust all over us, our cars, our homes, and in places we didn't even know existed. But, the work must continue!

The boys finished off the rest of the plaster and then the detail work began. Every inch of those walls had to be scrubbed with a wire brush to remove the remaining plaster and to clean the bricks off. You can see in the picture below that it was well worth it. We had scrubbed the bottom half and boy, did those red bricks shine!

Jessica finally wised up and bought a heavy duty mask, because that dust is no joke!!

Lee hard at work, making that plaster fly!

The things left to do for the brick are to coat the walls in a protective layer to shore the brick up and to decide what to do in the spaces in the brick that were found and voila...another task complete!

As you can see below, we have already had "customers" taking advantage of our beautiful canvas for photographs. This was a singing group called Earmark Trio that was doing a photoshoot downtown one Sunday when we were there. They took a few shots inside. We have also had another booked photoshoot for someone else that wanted an exposed brick, unfinished look and it worked out great for them. So, pass the word...we are not only good for events, but photo shoots as well!

Thanks for visiting and checking us out! We are getting even more exposure in VIP Jackson Magazine. Stay tuned for that update!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fun Finds!

As the boys had to do some work underneath the building, they also came across pieces of history that belong to the building (besides finding dead animal carcasses, dead spiders, and other creepy, crawly things, living or dead).

First off were these signs that have the name of the very first store that this building was created for in the late 1890s.

Along with many pieces of these signs were lots of coal, a pipe, an old spittoon, a Lucky Strike cigarette box and a remnants of a shirt that was labeled "O'Bryan". After some research, we found this to be the name of the manufacturer that later became Duck Head. Here is a little excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Duck Head brand was founded in 1865 in Nashville, Tennessee by George and Joe O'Bryan, two brothers who were buying surplus U.S. Army tent material. The material was a heavy canvas known as "duck", and the brothers began making work pants and shirts out of the strong material.

Also found was an insurance policy from 1936 from Warmath & Dunlap of Humboldt signed by K.L. Dunlap for when the store was Thweatt Bros. Below are a few pics from the policy...


In addition to finding odd things, we have uncovered spaces in the walls.While exposing the brick, an archway was found that oddly enough was covered in wallpaper (remember, this was all under plaster). It looks like it could go all the way through to the building next door, but it stops. About 1.5 feet above the arch is another space that contained a flue and it also had a metal drawer that pulls out that would have contained soot. Above that is a round hole that an exhaust pipe would fit in. So was it a fire stove? A secret entryway? Who knows, but we must find something cool to do with the space! Suggestions are welcome!

Old structures are fun, as long as you can muster up the patience and the stamina to get through it all!