Monday, July 22, 2013

Up and Down: We have Stairways!

We could always get upstairs to our second story and to our mezzanine level on a separate staircase, but was it pleasant and safe? Not a chance. Here's what we started with: look what we have...Ta Da!

It's hard to believe that is the same staircase but it has been widened, steps have been lengthened up to code, the bannister is sturdy and safe and now it is open, so you can see out into the big area below. 

Our mezzanine steps were hidden in the back in a windy path up the half story, but noooowwwww....

we have a lovely path up to the half floor straight from the main floor, where you could house a DJ, a bar, extra seating, a VIP area, whatever you want! And this will be your view (minus some lumber, ladders, a few tools, and dust everywhere):

To create the railing overlooking the main area, we got creative and used what we had. There was a large stack of these huge window frames with the glass still intact left in the building when we purchased it. Lee and his dad put these together and built a sturdy frame around them and voila...we have a unique railing! Since the area is definitely smaller and more closed in than anywhere else, having the see-through railing will help open it up more. 

We can't wait to paint all of this to create the elegant backdrop for any kind of party or event!

In the meantime of getting the staircases complete, the all-new electrical has been installed and inspected and approved and the plumbing has been installed (and inspected and approved)! Things are moving along!

Exciting things are happening starting on November 2nd! Check back for more details!!!