Monday, May 27, 2013

Exterior...95% Complete

After too long of a hiatus from the blog, we are back to report on our progress! We are so appreciative of all of those that ask us about the building and send encouragement our way. It means more to us than you could ever know!

Our exterior progress has continued and we are almost complete on the close we can taste it! It will be so nice to check something off our list as a fully completed item, that we may just have to have a party to celebrate. At least we have a place to do it, right? As long as we don't mind piles of lumber and dust everywhere!

This phase of work started on a Friday night after a lift was rented for the weekend. The metal beam in the center of the building was covered with wood, all windows were caulked, and everything was primed.

Being on a swaying lift that high in the air wasn't exactly too much fun, but the boys handled it like champs!

By Sunday afternoon, this phase was complete and here is our finished product!

All we lack are gold letters that will spell out "THE OPERA HOUSE" that are going in the middle on the black wood. A hanging sign with our logo will also be added to extend out from the door. AND THEN, our outside is complete!