Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Before Pics

To fully appreciate our final product, I think it is important to see what we started with from the beginning. After the antique store was cleared out, and we held a few yard sales of our own to clean out the upstairs, we finally had some open space to work.
Ahhh...look at that wide open space downstairs. I can see round tables covered in white table cloths sprinkled throughout and people dancing on a dance floor already. Can't you?

Before the antique store completely closed, we had to make a few purchases of our own. Those beautiful Victorian sofas will make great photo props or a great sitting area during cocktail hour.

Beautiful light coming through!

This view is looking at the back where an office/work area was built for the previous owner. That wall came down immediately to create more space. See fun video below!

The perimeter of the downstairs was outlined with a blue light covering that also quickly came down when the demolition work began.

This is a view of our soon to be catering prep area. Blue plastic walls excluded!

The upstairs has a totally different look and has the potential to be a cozy area that screams, "Take your pictures here!"

Support beams down the middle

Beautiful (maybe not so much in this picture, but will be) oak dressing cabinets that were left from the antique owner. The rods roll straight out to the front of the cabinets. Very cool!

The windows speak for themselves!
White tin ceiling tiles cover less than half of the ceiling upstairs. These have been taken down and will be refurbished to cover another part of the building. I can't wait to see these shine again.

Has everything (the demo work, the planning, the figuring out what will work) been all roses and rainbows? Not exactly, but we have had to find the fun in things whatever we do!

Eric coming home from a nasty night of work

This was a great time to let some frustrations out...and a lot of fun too before the real work began! (You have to turn your head to the side for most of the video).

This friendly (or not so friendly) spider came out to play one day. I am pretty sure they had to shoot it with a shotgun to kill it! Oh, the joys of working in an old building!

More updates on the progress to come soon to get us caught up to what is actually happening now! Exciting stuff! :)

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